About us

C Survey is a fastgrowing service supplier for the shipping industry founded by Jörgen Nilsson. C Survey has its roots from the Swedish island Donsö, located in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago, who has a long and impressive history of maritime commerce and shipping.

C Survey was born with the ambition to change the status quo of inspecting safety equipment. By minimizing intermediaries and suppliers, C Survey sails with the vessel, inspecting equipment en-route.

Since 2010 the company has grown from two employees to almost twenty. With years of experience in the shipping industry, we provide our customers with a turnkey solution making sure vital safety equipment is up to date – should it ever be put in use.
Our customers can trust us in ensuring your safety needs. With decades of knowledge and continuous education, we challenge ourselves in making sure our customers receive the best service.

In 2020, C Survey took on a new challenge, starting C Supply, a company that provides safety classed workwear and profile products to vessels and employers.