C Survey offers a wide range of services e.g., inspection of life saving appliances, firefighting equipment and inventory of hazardous materials.

With approvals from all major class societies and manufacturers, we provide a turnkey solution that reduces costs and administration for our customers.

With a single point of contact, our customers do not only reduce costs and administration, they can also trust us to ensure that vital safety equipment is in perfect working order – should it ever have to be put in use. We call it Safe returns.

C Survey around the world

Since the start of C Survey, we have visited hundreds of ports all over the world.

We take pride in keeping you safe, wherever and whenever. Therefore we have created a map to show you where we have been. We will continue updating the map as we keep striving towards our vision:
     ”To be one of the leading service providers of onboard inspections within the shipping industry.”


C Survey is a fastgrowing service supplier for the shipping industry with its roots from the Swedish island Donsö, located in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago.

With a single point of contact, we carry out your annual inspection wherever and whenever, worldwide. Our mission is your safety and making sure vital safety equipment are up to date. You should never require spending valuable time contacting several service providers.