List of equipment

List of equipment for annual survey

LSA equipment

  • Free-fall boat
  • Rescue boat
  • Life-raft crane
  • Inflatable life jackets
  • Pressure test of Immersion suits
  • Loose lifting gear slings and hooks

FFE equipment

  • BA set
  • Emergency escape breathing device (EEBD)
  • Medical oxygen resuscitator
  • Portable and stationary fire extinguisher
  • CO2 firefighting system
  • Pressure test of chemical suits
  • BA compressor air-quality test
  • Foam test

Deck equipment

  • Oil discharge monitor equipment (ODME)
  • UTI Portable digital thermometer oil and water interface temperature calibrator

Engine equipment

  • Temperature calibrator
  • Pressure calibrator

Gas detection instruments

  • Portable gas detection instrument; Dräger, Riken, GMI VISA
  • Fixed gas detection instrument